Inevitable . . . the Book Now Available


The big day has arrived. Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning is available on . . . and soon to be available as a Kindle eBook. The purpose of our website is to extend Inevitable, to begin a dialogue that clarifies and expands our vision and, ultimately, to create schools that meet the learning needs of every learner every hour of every day.

The timing of Inevitable: MCL could not be better. The public education debate has never been hotter. Although Bea and I believe that much of the criticism of public education is unfair, we also believe that there is need for systemic fundamental change if schools are going to meet today’s expectations and demands.

We are happy with both the appearance and content of our book. If Waiting for Superman identified the problem, Mass Customized Learning is a large part of the answer.

Everyone appears to agree that education must change, must improve, but everything being suggested seems to fall into the “tinkering change” category . . . Waiting for Superman included. Nothing being proposed and no one doing the proposing get to the heart of what keeps schools functioning as Industrial Age bureaucracies. Reformers can’t seem to get out of the “having school” box. (cjs)

Until education reformers replace the fundamental instructional time-based delivery system that makes time the constant and learning the variable, we can expect to continue to miss the learning needs of many learners and continue to get Industrial Age results. In short, we all act as though the Industrial Age school structure is a given, a starting point, and any change must retain that outdated structure. Inevitable clearly provides a desirable and doable alternative. Join us as we learn how to use the customizing technology that we all experience daily to meet the learning needs of every learner every day. We are on to something big!


  1. Anonymous

    I just received my copy of Inevitable today and am anxious to start the online book study through TIE. It will be interesting studying the book with colleagues and educators from South Dakota. I appreciate the opportunity.

  2. Tia-ann

    I just heard about this book at the ISTE affilliate meeting. I am from Alberta (ATLE) and would love to join your book that possible?

    My email is


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